Male Waxing

COVID-19 Precautions

It is our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for anyone who walks through our doors. Our hygiene policy already includes:

  • No towels 
  • Disposable gloves between each client 
  • No double dipping spatulas 
  • Disposable sheets on waxing table
  • Disinfecting waxing table between each client

We will be taking further measures for your safety:

  • Extend appointment duration ( allowing time for through disinfecting and ventilation of salon).
  • service one person at a time (only therapist and 1 client in the salon at a time).
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment worn by therapist at all times.
  • encourage contact-less  payments.

Male Waxing – Guy grooming at its best!

At Just Wax It London, we know that guys want super smooth skin quickly and efficiently – they don’t want to hang around, they just want to be in and out fast. That’s why we offer a bespoke range of super quick waxing services, specifically designed for men.

Whether it’s guy grooming or man scaping, men love the look and feel of silky smooth skin – just think of David Beckham and Robbie Williams! Our therapists are super-efficient and  professional, so you will be hairless and on your way in no time at all.

Safe & hygienic waxing

With waxing there is no abrasive and itchy regrowth and no shaving rash, just beautifully smooth skin. At Just Wax It London, we are heavily invested in hygiene – cleaning treatment beds between clients with medical grade disinfectant, changing bed coverings between clients, wearing disposable gloves, and eliminating double dipping in the wax.

Male waxing services

It doesn’t matter how much hair you have on your body, or your size, shape or skin type – man grooming offers you a way to look your absolute best at all times. Don’t you deserve to strut your stuff?

Our highly experienced and specialised therapists offer our male clients the following customised services: chest & abdomen, and full back and shoulder waxing.

Before & after waxing advice

For the best results your hair needs to be ¼ inch or 0.5cm long and if you normally exfoliate, do so the day before your appointment. After your waxing, your skin might look a little red for a while, but that will quickly resolve. For the next 24 hours, avoid hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, sexual activity, and don’t exfoliate or wear deodorant on the waxed areas.

Our therapists

Our therapists are 100% qualified and highly experienced in all waxing techniques, ensuring that you receive consistent results every time. Why not experience the Just Wax It London difference and achieve the body you deserve today!